Fengxian holds international graffiti event as part of the local youth arts festival

Sep 19, 2018

Fengxian held an international graffiti event on September 15 and 16 as part of the on-going China International Youth Arts Festival in the district.

Altogether 23 artists from home and abroad came and painted in the Citizen's Park. People could view the whole process of how a piece of graffiti work comes into being.

A blank wall was set up at the venue for those who were interested to improvise, a way to provide visitors a hand-on experience.

Mr. Penfold, a British artist, said that this is a valuable chance and he would share his creation experience here with fellow artists in his homeland.

Traditional features as well as Fengxian cultural heritages like rolling lamp have been depicted in the graffiti works. 

"To join an event like this is the best way to cultivate culture and art learning for children," said Li Huiqing, a mother who brought her child along to see the graffiti painting.

"I hope this event continues for children to have a closer look at the international artists and their works," she added.

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