Fengxian arts center's main theater to be completed in August next year

Sep 26, 2018

Nine Tree Shanghai Future Arts Center, one of the city's major construction projects in Fengxian, has finished capping and started the process of decoration.

The multi-functional complex, sitting in 800,000-square-meter woods, covers an area of 120,500 square meters and is divided into a main theater, a minor theater and a cultural exhibition and service sector.

In the main theater especially, audience will be able to enjoy the same sound effects wherever they sit in its 1,200 seats, due to the holographic sound technology, which is not commonly seen in Shanghai and can provide the best immersive experience.

The main theatre is expected to be completed in August next year.

Two outdoor theaters, one in the woods equipped with 2,000 seats and the other floating on the water, combine music with the natural environment.

"The theater in the woods gives the look to be fresh and transparent," said Zhao Bin, project manager of the art center. "It has two sides on the structure; the side facing the woods is installed with glass walls to give a clear view and the side facing the road is painted with artistic patterns."

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