Another bridge to cross the Huangpu

Dec 16, 2016 | Source: Shanghai Daily

SHANGHAI will build a bridge across Huangpu River between Minhang and Fengxian districts, the city's major bridge construction company said yesterday.

The 1.94-kilometer-long Kunyang Road Cross-River Bridge will connect Kunyang Road in Minhang and Puwei Highway in Fengxian with downtown.

Upon its completion, residents in the two outlying districts will be able to reach Hongqiao and Pudong international airports directly, according to the Shanghai Road and Bridge Group.

The single-tower cable-stay bridge will have two levels β€” the upper level for vehicle lanes, the lower for pedestrians and cyclists, the group announced.

"The group will use prefabricated method to build the main part of the cross-river bridge to reduce the noise and pollution," an official with the company said.

Such innovative methods are now being widely promoted in Shanghai.

Construction workers assemble different pre-built parts of the bridge on site.

The biggest challenge for the project is building the towers for the cable-stay bridge. They are 136 meters tall and will be sited about 200 meters away from both banks of the river.

The group said construction on the new bridge would start soon, but a specific schedule had not yet been announced.

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