Fengxian holds first marketing promotion event as CIIE opens

Nov 7, 2018 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Fengxian kicked off its first marketing promotion event the same day when the 1st China International Expo opened on November 5.

Over 100 enterprise representatives from countries including the UK, Singapore, Italy and Israel attended the meeting.

They were briefed on the district's investment environment in terms of the industry, urban infrastructure, culture and ecology, with focuses being put on the cosmetic industrial park Oriental Beauty Valley, the comprehensive bonded area and the feature industries in the Lingang area.

"Fengxian New City is on the rise with marked improvements in all aspects and we hope the CIIE will be a chance for people to see the district's investment opportunities and advantage industries," said Gu Yi, deputy director of the district, at the event.

Fengxian has been designated to be a southern core in Shanghai as well as a hub city for the Hangzhou Bay construction, according to the Shanghai's general development layout in 2035.

To attract investment during the CIIE period, Fengxian has prepared a dozen of such promotion events. It will also hold a cosmetic trade fair on November 23 and 24.

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