Wufang Village launches work to build industrial complex

Jan 25, 2019 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Wufang Village in Fengxian District, selected as one of the nine in Shanghai to carry out a village revitalization project, has launched work to build an industrial complex for innovation, culture, tourism and leisure.

The first phase of the project covers an area of 239,000 square meters and will have an investment of 140 million yuan (US$21 million).

The dining section is taking shape with negotiations under way to introduce quality and featured catering units.

Several homestay hotels as well as artist workshops and college innovation centers are in progress to attract visitors and young people who can start their business here.

About ten households in the village still maintain their original austere look which blends with the natural scenery to become a unique landscape.

Apart from the tourism and relevant service industries, the village also plans to extend the industrial chain of local special produce yellow peach, which would continue to bring profits to villagers.

"The key to revitalizing the village is income," said Chen Jianguo, the town Party secretary.

The overall project will bring income from project returns, house rentals and employment in the project.

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