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Gulf Tourist Area

Address: Gulf Tourist Area

Situated in the south of Shanghai, facing the Hangzhou Bay, Gulf Tourist Area is adjacent to Yangshan Deepwater Port to the east and Chemistry city of China to the west covering an area of 172,000 square meters with...

Huami Zhuanghang

Address: Pandian Village, Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District

Huami Zhuanghang is a 3A national tourism scenic spot and the main venue of the rape flower festival.

Modern Agricultural Garden

Address: 5885 Jinhai Rd, Fengxian District

Shanghai Modern Agricultural Garden is one of the four municipal level agricultural gardens as well as an important part of Shanghai's marine industries. Covering 18,490 square meters, the modern agricultural garden...

Qing Village Ideal World

Address: Wujia Village, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District; Tangmin Rd and Nanfeng Rd

Qing Village Ideal World is an agricultural ecological sight seeing base situated about 60 miles from the city center combining tourism, sightseeing, scientific recreation, and it is also Shanghai Juvenile Moral Education...

Shanghai Agricultural Reclamation Museum

Address: 1256 Wusi Rd, May Fourth Farm

It is a thematic museum recording and displaying the agricultural reclamation history of Shanghai people which consists of "Reclaim land for marshes", "Precious years of youth" and "Revolution and Opening up". The...

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