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Shanghai Bi Hai Jin Sha Water Park

Address: Gulf tourist area

Bi Hai Jin Sha Water Park has 6.8 milliom square meters of sea and 70,000 square meters of artificial beach where people can enjoy sun bath and swimming or appreciate the emerald sea, gold sunshine, fresh air and green...

Shanghai Date Garden (Garden with hundreds of dates)

Address: Weiji Village, Fengxian Town, Fengxian District

Shanghai Date Garden was built in the year 1998 and was elected as the municipal level key forestry engineering project with an area of 750 acres and an investment of 16.8 million yuan. It is a scientific research...

Shanghai Fungus and Mushroom Science Museum

Address: 7299 Jinhai Rd, Fengxian District

Shanghai Fungus and Mushroom Science Museum covers an area of 23,000 square meters and is composed of Indoor exhibition hall, fungus and mushroom garden and supermarket. The indoor exhibition hall consists of fungus...

Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park

Address: May Fourth Farm, Fengxian District

The Haiwan National Forest Park, a 4A national scenic spot, is making great efforts to develop its wetland ecological regions and holiday resorts. The park offers a variety of amusement activities, such as boating on the lake, go karting, a horsing club, and barbecue in the forest. Tourists will fully enjoy the green forest life with leisure and entertainment, see the view of "water in the forest and forest in the water," visit the habitat of hundreds of birds and have an adventure trip around the Dinosaur Pavilion.

Shanghai Songsheng Equestrian Club

Address: 621 East Renmintang Rd, Fengxian District

Shanghai Songsheng Equestrian Club built according to four-star standard combines equestrian sport, equestrian competition, holiday recreation and business conference service. The club covers an area of 100,000 square...

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