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Shanghai Bi Hai Jin Sha Water Park

Address: Gulf tourist area

Telephone: 57121919/57120707 /57127272

Shanghai Bi Hai Jin Sha Water Park

Bi Hai Jin Sha Water Park has 6.8 milliom square meters of sea and 70,000 square meters of artificial beach where people can enjoy sun bath and swimming or appreciate the emerald sea, gold sunshine, fresh air and green plants under pavilions or in log cabins. There is an aquatic sports area covering 1.51 million square meters, which is furnished with a motorboat dock, non-power boat dock and motorboat dock. Tourists can enjoy surfing, motorboats and hovercrafts there.

Ticket price: 30 yuan(Oct.1-Oct.15)   

How to get there:
1.(In the direction of Puxi) People square--South-North Elevated Highway—No.2 South Zhongshan Rd—Humin Rd Elevated Highway—Fengpu Bridge—exit from S4 Haiwan Rd
2.(In the direction of Pudong) People square—South-North Elevated Highway—Lupu Bridge—Jiyang Rd—Puxing Rd—to Haiwan

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