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Fisherman Wharf

Address: 218 Haiwan Rd, Gulf Tourist Area, Fengxian District

Telephone: 86-021-57120888

1.Fisherman wharf
Fisherman wharf covers an area of 80,000 square meters combining shopping, eating, and recreation service. Architectures here display a picture of a combination of traditional Chinese and European style. Tourists can appreciate the beautiful scenery of the sea and enjoy the romance of the life.

2.Gulf Sightseeing Avenue
Gulf Sightseeing Avenue is a prestigious avenue which is 2.6 km long and 13.5 m wide facing the sea and surrounding Hangzhou Bay. People like to call it the Band of Hangzhou Bay.

3.Soaring Dragon Pavilion
standing at the center of the gold coast, the soaring dragon pavilion is the landmark which is 31m high with an area of 2,000 square meters. Facing the sea, the soaring dragon pavilion enables people to watch flittering seagulls, turbulent tide, fascinating sunset, swirling fists and shaky bamboos.

4.Bao Wanrong Chinese Opera Costume Art Museum
The Museum was founded by Bao Wanrong, Shanghai's famous collector. It was elected as one of the 10 Chinese Folk Museums.

5.Natural lavipeditum spot
sand of the 13.7 km-long Hangzhou Bay mudflat is soft and firm which is fit for tides seeing, picking up shells, and foot bath.

6.Artificial sand
the artificial sand covers an area of 20,000 square meters with various recreation items, such as sea rover, jet coaster, dreamlike disk and others. Tourists can barbecue on the sand.
7.Kites flying arena
It is the biggest kites flying arena in southern China. 

Ticket Price: 10 yuan/person (coupon ticket)



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