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Qing Village Ideal World

Address: Wujia Village, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District; Tangmin Rd and Nanfeng Rd

Telephone: 86-21-57565081

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Qing Village Ideal World

Qing Village Ideal World

Qing Village Ideal World is an agricultural ecological sight seeing base situated about 60 miles from the city center combining tourism, sightseeing, scientific recreation, and it is also Shanghai Juvenile Moral Education Base, Fengxian Science Education Base.

It has scenic spots like floating bamboo raft, grass skiing field, manpower water wheel, and horse and donkey cart riding and others.

Tourists can appreciate the beauty of peach blossom in spring and taste oranges in autumn.

How to get there:
(to the direction of Puxi) People square—South-North Elevated Highway—N0.2 South Zhongshan Rd—Humin Elevated Highway—Fengpu Bridge—Nanhang Rd—Jinhai Rd—Nanfeng Rd—Tangmin Rd
(to the direction of Pudong) People Square—South-North Elevated Highway—Lupu Bridge—Jiyang Rd—Puxing Rd—Nanfeng Rd—Tangmin Rd

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