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Wanfo Temple (Temple of Ten Thousand Buddha)

Address: Fengxin Rd-Fengliang Rd, North Gate of Fengcheng Town, Fengxian District

Telephone: 86-21-57522936

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Wanfo Temple (Temple of Ten Thousand Buddha)

Wanfo Temple (Temple of Ten Thousand Buddha)

Wanfo Temple is a district level cultural relic protection unit and a large scale nunnery built in Ming Dynasty, 600 years ago.

The temple is composed of the main temple, Tianwang Hall(Hall of Heavenly King), Wanfo Hall(Hall of Ten Thousand Buddha), Wanfo Tower(Tower of Ten Thousand Buddha). The unveiling ceremony of the main temple was hold in March, 1994 and that of Wanfo Tower was in November, 2003.

There is a collage of Buddhism and a vegetarian restaurant where believers and tourists can taste Buddhist food.

How to get there:
(to the direction of Puxi) People square—South-North Elevated Highway—N0.2 South Zhongshan Rd—Humin Elevated Highway—Fengpu Bridge—S4—G1501—Nanfeng Rd—Xinfeng Rd—Fengliang Rd
(to the direction of Pudong) People Square—South-North Elevated Highway—Lupu Bridge—Jiyang Rd—S20—Hulu Rd—Hunan Rd—Xinfeng Rd—Fengliang Rd

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