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Shenxian Liquor Town (Liquor Town of Lighthearted People)

Address: 2888 New Siping Rd

Telephone: 86-21-57536059

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Shenxian Liquor Town (Liquor Town of Lighthearted People)

Shenxian Liquor Town (Liquor Town of Lighthearted People)

Shenxian (lighthearted people) Liquor Town is the first industrial tourist spot in Fengxian District themed by Liquor knowledge, culture and sampling.

Shenxian Liquor Town is composed of six parts: Shenxian Bridge, Chinese Shenxian Liquor Culture Exhibition Hall, Shenxian Well, Shenxian Liquor Production Area, Shenxian Culture Corridor and Shenxian Recreation Area.

Chinese Shenxian Liquor Culture Exhibition Hall tells the legend of Shenxian liquor and the rich liquor culture about the history and stories between liquor and poetry, liquor and painting, liquor and celebrities, liquor and science in a way combining tradition and modernity. Tourist can know the Chinese history of liquor making through seeing cups, jars and liquor making methods.

Shenxian Well tells the legend in which a supernatural person made a well with a crutch in order to help people.

Shenxian Liquor Production Area displays the whole process of making liquor and the only existent liquor making cellars and liquor storage vaults.

Shenxian culture corridor tells anecdotes about making liquor by tile carving.

In Shenxian Recreation Area, tourists can taste various kinds of Shenxian free liquor, participate in lottery-attached activities, appreciate folk performances related to liquor culture, enjoy rural dishes and buy some souvenirs. The Shenxian Liquor Maker will give gifts to their guests in order to express his best wishes to them.

How to get there:
(to the direction of Puxi) People square—South-North Elevated Highway—N0.2 South Zhongshan Rd—Humin Elevated Highway—Fengpu Bridge—S3—G1501—New Siping Rd
(to the direction of Pudong) People Square—South-North Elevated Highway—Lupu Bridge—Jiyang Rd—S20—Hulu Highway—New Siping Rd

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