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Family Feast in Guhua Garden Hotel

Guhua Garden Hotel in Fengxian District offers a family feast, which was awarded the title of Excellent Shanghai Feast. The feast is shaped like a villa, with two gatehouses and two vivid lions carved from pumpkins. It creates an illusion that you are in the Guhua Garden Hotel, where there are singing birds, fragrant flowers and a small bridge over a flowing creek.

Besides, the food itself embodies artistic beauty and taste. Tofu is styled into a “Golden House,” where crab ovary and meat is hidden while bok choy and radishes are made into royal fans. On the platform of this mini villa, you can see Zhuanghang’s sweet pears, Guangming’s yellow peaches and Yusui’s grapes.

This family feast features the theme of “homeland and family” rather than luxurious ingredients. Dishes and decorations match the feast well to show a sense of warm, harmonious and close-knit families. It showcases rich culture and creative design. Also, the ingredients provide you with a well-balanced diet.

Reservation Tel: 021-6718-1300 Transfer to the dining department

The Seafood Street in Haiwan Tourism Zone

Thanks to its advantageous natural conditions and convenient transportation, Fengxian produces diversified and fresh seafood. Tanxu Island, in Fengxian’s Haiwan Tourism Zone, is rich in white prawns, anchovy and jellyfish, which are called “three treasures in Tanxu.”

Restaurants located in the Seafood Street serve you fresh pomfrets, cuttlefish, yellow fish and prawns from the East Sea as well as live razor clam, yellow river snails among other dishes. The most recommendable seafood is East Sea Crab. It’s of good quality and inexpensive. The price is less than half of the urban price. Besides, Haiwan branded seafood is a very nice souvenir. In front of the Palm Beach Resort, there is a sidewalk seafood booth, which is perfect to have midnight snacks.

List of Restaurants in the Seafood Street

Restaurant Name Telephone
Fudao Seafood Restaurant 5712 1096
Binhai Restaurant 5712 7233
Qinzhen Restaurant 5712 7177
Xingangjia Seafood Restaurant 5712 0979
Miaomiao Restaurant 5712 7533
Chuyuan Seafood Restaurant 5712 7325
Jiajiajia Seafood Restaurant 5712 7117
Shuangxi Seafood Restaurant 3750 2018
Yuanling Pavilion Restaurant 5712 0875
Shiyi Restaurant 5712 0279
Zhenwang Restaurant 5712 1669

Fengpu Food and Leisure Street

Fengxian runs a good catering business and Fengpu Food and Leisure Street, listed as one of Shanghai 20 leisure streets, is well known. As a famous ever-bright street in Fengxian, it was awarded as “Shanghai Special Commercial Street” in 2007. It lies on E. Huancheng Road, Fengpu Development Zone, running from Fengpu Avenue in the north to Hangnan Road in the south. Along the 1500-meter street, stands dozens of restaurants and some entertainment venues.

In this street, you can enjoy cuisine from throughout the nation, including local food, Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine and Shandong Cuisine. Besides Yuesheng Restaurant and Xiaotianyuan Restaurant, numerous other restaurants can be found on this street, including Huangpin, Victoria, Dazhaimen and Xiaoyuanguo. Each offer a unique feature, these restaurants hire famous chefs and their turnovers keep increasing.

List of Restaurants and Hotels in the Street

Restaurant Address Reservation Tel
Shanghai Meidu Hotel 155 N. Yunhe Rd, Nanqiao Town 3752 9999
C.straits Cafe 581 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 5188
Bandao Seafood Restaurant 478 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 2727, 6710 6767
Sainahepan Restaurant Lane 26-42, 696 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 3636, 6710 3737
Dazhaimen Restaurant 718 N. Yunhe Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 8777, 6710 8778
Xiaoyuanguo Restaurant 777 Huanchen Rd E., Nanqiao Town 6710 1111
Yuesheng Restaurant 525 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 0777
Huixian Restaurant 538 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 5369
Huangpin Hotel 515 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 1157, 6710 2157
Victoria Hotel 611 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 3177, 6710 7979
Dihao Xiaotianyuan Restaurant 781 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 2177
Pengcheng Hotel 800 E. Huanchen Rd, Nanqiao Town 6710 6179

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