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Zhuanghang Summer Mutton Festival - July to August each year

The 2011 Shanghai Zhuanghang Mutton Festival in Summer Heat kicked off on July 7, at the Zhuanghang Countryside Food Plaza.

The mutton and liquor of Zhuanghang is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Shanghai. Consuming mutton with an alcoholic beverage has been a custom in the Zhuanghang area for thousands of years. The combination is said to help people get rid of humidity, boost health and longevity. The first such festival was held in 2008 and now the festival has become a well-known summer event in the south of Shanghai. It is getting more and more popular among local residents, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and food lovers.

The first pot of mutton during the hottest days of summer

The mutton festival was launched with a ceremony presenting the first pot of mutton for the hottest days of summer at 5:58pm on July 7. The opening ceremony was made up of three chapters: harvest, blessing and opening the pot. At the end of the happy ceremony two dancers opened the cover of a huge pot full of boiling mutton soup, which pushed the ceremony to its climax.

A senior resident filled all the visitors’ bowls with mutton soup. The simple yet elegant ceremony revealed an unsophisticated, friendly and hospitable characteristic of the people in Zhuanghang town. After the opening ceremony, visitors enjoyed a banquet consisting of a hundred tables filled with mutton dishes. They enjoyed wonderful performances as well as the delicious mutton.

Shanghai sweet pears, another special product from Zhuanghang, were supplied for guests of Shanghai World Expo last year. And the mutton festival also presented a Sweet Pear Banquet, folk operas, a culture and creativity show and the “King of Pear” contest.

Enjoy a farm home-stay – experience countryside and natural life

It is natural for city dwellers to dream of the quiet and pastoral life of the countryside with fresh air and a slow-paced life. Visitors can slow down their footsteps and enjoy the pleasure of fruit picking and fishing. They can also taste tea in the afternoon and stay in a farmer’s home overnight.

Have fun in the sea

Apart from the above colorful activities, the organizers also planned a “One-day tour of farmers’ houses in Zhuanghang” and a “Two-day seaside tour of Fengxian District” for visitors. During the trips they can taste delicious mutton, experience farmer’s life and have fun in the blue sea. We welcome you to visit the 2011 Shanghai Zhuanghang Mutton Festival!

Zhuanghang Rape Flower Festival - March to April every year

The Fengxian Rape Flower Festival is not only a good chance for a spring outing, it is also a rare opportunity for visitors to experience the lifestyle of local farmers and fishermen. In addition, Fengxian District also offers a full range of products for tourists.

Visitors can have picnics at the Sea Bay National Forest Park and enjoy the rape flower fields at Metropolitan Vegetable Garden. They can also collect coupons and seals on their tour guide map.

The Zhuanghang Rape Flower Festival is ranked among the top ten best places to view rape flowers in China by the tourism channel of, a leading news portal in China. It is also the only rape flower growing festival in Shanghai.

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