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What is the "Oriental Beauty Valley"?
In a narrow sense, the "Oriental Beauty Valley" is not one specific park, but a Fengxian-based "three-dimensional industrial system" consisting of three coordinates: beauty and health products, services and industry. The products coordinate includes research and development, production, packaging and marketing, etc. And the services involve raw material procurement, ODM design, OEM production, testing and detection, marketing planning and branding, etc. The industry coordinate means a multi-layered industrial system based on products display, user experience, beauty and medical care, trade flows and consulting services, which combines products and services and manages to expand products application and value chain.
In a broad way, rooted in the concept of "building unbounded industrial system through transboundary cooperation", the "Oriental Beauty Valley" integrates transboundary industries such as headquarters economy, cultural creativity, travel and leisure, e-commerce, sports, financial services, fashion and luxury industry into a "beauty and health industry alliance", which centers on beauty and health industry with multiple industries coexisting and prospering. It has created an "urban industrial ecosystem" that covers the whole Fengxian District by integrating and leveraging different functions, industries and services.
What are the functions and structure of the "Oriental Beauty Valley"?
It has "four functions" and "eight centers". I. "Four functions" 1. Industrial cluster. The valley will bring in the world's most influential companies in the beauty and health industry to become China's largest beauty and health industrial cluster and pioneering development highland; 2. Research, innovation and development. The valley will gather as much technological resources and advanced equipment as possible to become the source that leads the technological revolution and theoretical breakthroughs in beauty and health industry; 3. Service support. The valley will make sure that every company involved finds its position and perfectly fits into the beauty and health industry, and thrive quickly by using the valley's sound industrial chain and broad transboundary space; 4. Talent pool. The valley welcomes all kinds of talented people with an open arm. It provides all the talented people with limitless opportunities and great living and working environment where they can realize the value of life.
II. "Eight centers" 1. Research and development center. Relying on the rich educational and research resources from institutions of higher learning, such as East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai Business School, the valley provides customized and professional research, development and design support to micro, small and middle-sized innovation-driven companies, which will help them lead the fashion trend together and share the fruits of win-win corporation. Also, amid Shanghai's drive to grow into a globally influential science and technology hub, the valley will strive to be a place of innovation resources that leads industrial revolution and technological progress.2. Design center. Focusing on the design of cosmetics companies' factory buildings, functions, technologies, equipment and products, the valley will keep its leading position in industrial design by using the world’s highest-standard concept and technology. 3. Testing center. With the support of five cosmetics quality testing centers and third-party testing technology, and through market-oriented fair competition, the valley provides efficient, quality and professional testing services to cosmetics companies. 4. Exhibition center. The valley provides different kinds of exhibition platforms for the companies' products and services, and strives to become an authoritative and trail-blazing capital of cosmetics and fashion by extensively absorbing cutting-edge elements that trigger technological transformation and innovation. The exhibition center will also step into fields such as industrial tourism, cultural exhibition and museums by holding expositions and forums. 5. Marketing center. Relying on the exhibition center and "Internet+", the valley will push the development of e-commerce, in a bid to promote brands and expand market quickly, productively and economically, which will further catalyze economic organizations that feature "new products, new mode, new technology and new business activities". 6. Experience center. The valley will provide professional one-stop beauty and health services that meet international standard. Consumers and professionals can experience many mature or newly-introduced technologies such as skin test, health management and medical cosmetology. 7. Support and service center. The valley offers all-round public and professional services to help companies run smoothly, such as assisting them in applying for approval of imported cosmetics and industry accreditation. 8. Guidance center. The valley will, from time to time, appoint renowned experts in Shanghai, across China, or even the world, to offer high-class one-on-one professional guidance, policy and law consulting services, branding and marketing strategies.
Why is the Oriental Beauty Valley based in Fengxian District?
Fengxian District already has two advantages for developing beauty and health industry: 1. Beautiful eco-environment. Fengxian boasts the largest forest park in Shanghai with large greenbelts including central ecological green land and Huangpu River conservation forest. It has the lowest PM2.5 in the city and its air quality is good for 95% of the year, meaning that it would become the most ideal place for living and business start-ups in Shanghai. 2. Solid industrial foundation. The beauty and health industry in Fengxian has already grown into an industry cluster that involves makeup and skin care products, perfume, household chemicals, health care products and biomedicine, with famous foreign and domestic companies such as NU SKIN, Jala, Kans and COSMAX at its core. In 2014, the output of the region's beauty and health enterprises above designated size reached 14.7 billion yuan with 1.64 billion yuan tax contribution. There are 65 cosmetics companies here, accounting for a quarter of the total 253 companies in the city, with the production and sales making up almost 40% of the total. Also, there are many institutions such as Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance and Flavor Industry and East China and the Research Center of Analysis and Test of East China University of Science and Technology here to provide testing services. A sound industry chain that incorporates research, design and development, testing and accreditation services, raw material procurement, production and marketing has taken shape.
How does Fengxian build the "Oriental Beauty Valley"?
Policies will be created or improved especially for companies in the valley. Preferential policies at Fengxian District, Shanghai and the state level will support these companies in terms of land use, talent introduction and public services. And the services will be designed in an "X+1" and "X-1" way. "X+1" means that both the policy support and service efficiency are one point higher than companies outside the valley; "X-1" means that the obstacles caused by administrative authorities will be one point lower than companies outside the valley. And "X+1" plus "X-1" equals 2X, which means that these companies’ input-output ratio is 1:2.


Industrial structure

Chronological events

    2016年Oriental Beauty Valley Events

  • 10.252016

    Hua Yuan, deputy Party secretary of Fengxian District went to Europe to promote the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • 10.182016

    Zhuang Mudi, Party secretary of Fengxian District met with Chen Shaojun, the director of China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries.
  • 10.182016

    Hua Yuan headed a delegation to France and introduced the Oriental Beauty Valley to Paris.
  • 10.082016

    The Oriental Beauty Valley was set to be the new landmark in south Shanghai.
  • 09.222016

    China Food and Drug Administration visited the "Oriental Beauty Valley".
  • 07.262016

    Fengxian District delegation went to Korea to promote the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • 07.082016

    NU SKIN entered into a strategic partnership with the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • 07.062016

    A charity bazaar initiated by the Oriental Beauty Valley companies and the People's Government of Fengxian District opened to help local underprivileged people.
  • 06.152016

    The "Oriental Beauty Valley" Industrial Promotion Center was founded.
  • 06.082016

    The first "Oriental Beauty Valley" policy document was released.
  • 05.172016

    The "Oriental Beauty Valley" participated in Shanghai International Beauty Expo.
  • 05.112016

    One of the companies in the valley carried out scientific research project in China's scientific satellite SJ-10.
  • 03.312016

    The global "Oriental Beauty Valley" logo design competition was launched in Shanghai.
  • 03.302016

    The Oriental Beauty Valley industrial promotion conference was held. Nine investment projects were signed at the conference with Chicmax (formerly known as Kans), a cosmetics company, and Wuxi Apptec, a drug R&D company, involved.
  • 03.212016

    The Oriental Beauty Valley promotion conference was held in Hong Kong. Wu Lianghao, deputy director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of CPPCC and the chairman of the board of Jingwei Company, and Zhang Xialing, vice-president of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association attended the conference.
  • 03.03-03.052016

    Chinese Cosmetics Enterprise Development Seminar opened in Fengxian.
  • 01.292016

    The Oriental Beauty Valley world forum was held.
  • 01.182016

    The People's Government of Fengxian District signed a cooperative agreement with Shanghai Institute of Technology and inaugurated the Oriental Beauty Valley Institute.
  • 01.14-01.152016

    The "Oriental Beauty Valley" International Promotion Conference was held in South China's Guangzhou and Shantou city.
  • 01.04-01.152016

    The Oriental Beauty Valley promotion office started the first round of company research tour.


  • 12.242015

    Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association delegation visited the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • 12.182015

    The International Promotion Center of Medical Cooperation in China Free Trade Zone signed with CloudHealth Genomics in the Oriental Beauty Valley Biotechnology Park to launch "International Cooperation Center of Precision Medicine in China Free Trade Zone".
  • 12.122015

    Zhou Bo, vice mayor of Shanghai, conducted a field research in the "Oriental Beauty Valley".
  • 12.112015

    The People's Government of Fengxian District held "Fengxian Industrial Resources Promotion Conference" to promote the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • 11.142015

    The People's Government of Fengxian District signed strategic cooperation agreement with COSMAX Co.Ltd to comprehensively advance the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • 09.17-09.202015

    Fengxian's cosmetics company delegation attended Cosmobeauty Seoul and promoted the Oriental Beauty Valley to Korean counterparts.