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The 8th session of the 3rd People’s Congress of Fengxian District discussed the draft of the Outline of the 12th Five-year Plan on Economic and Social Development in Fengxian District of Shanghai Municipality. The meeting approved the Outline of the 12th Five-year Plan on Economic and Social Development in Fengxian District of Shanghai Municipality.

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Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China Fengxian Committee, Fengxian District Government organized departments, towns and development zones to comply with the Outline of the 12th Five-year Plan on Economic and Social Development in Fengxian District of Shanghai Municipality (hereunder referred as “the outline”). It is an outline to fully implement a scientific approach to development. Centered on the construction of “four centers” and a cosmopolitan city, the outline aims to promote the industrialization and joint development of urban and rural areas in Fengxian District.

During the drafting of the outline, we kept an open mind and substantiated our aims with active research. This document therefore holds a concentration of the wisdom of the whole district and support received from professional institutions. The outline is made on the basis of the Guidelines of Central Planning Committee Shanghai Committee on the 12th Five-year Plan on Economic and Social Development in Shanghai Municipality and the Guidelines of CPC Fengxian Committee on the 12th Five-year Plan on Economic and Social Development in Fengxian District of Shanghai Municipality. It will play a strategic and comprehensive leading role in the implementation of the 12th five-year plan. It is an important framework for government to carry out all its duties, and it is an important base for the creation and implementation of various plans and policies on economic and social development.

The outline has been approved by the 8th session of the 3rd People’s Congress of Fengxian District of Shanghai Municipality. It is hereby announced for implementation.

Under the correct leadership of the CPC Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Municipal Government and CPC Fengxian Committee during the 11th five-year period, we have made tremendous contributions to economic and social development. The future five-year period is key to strategic transformation of Fengxian District. We should keep an eye on the new strategic position and push forward development transformation with the construction of Nanqiao New City as spearhead. We will strive to realize the targets with an open mind, creativity and bold practices.


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Chapter 1: Achievements during the 11th five-year period

During the 11th Five-year Period, Fengxian District kept improving people’s livelihood, social undertakings and thus realized all the targets set in the 11th Five-year Plan.

1. The economy remained stable and developed fast

During the 11th five-year period, the Fengxian District economy maintained stable and quick development, thus the economy improved both in quantity and in quality. The added value of the service industry in the district rose to 49.35 billion yuan (US$7.7 billion) in 2010 at an annual rate of 17.2 percent. Fixed asset investment reached 20.49 billion yuan in 2010, and the total investment in the five years reached 77.39 billion yuan at an annual growth rate of 12 percent. The retail volume reached 25.08 billion yuan, an annual growth of 18.3 percent. Export reached US$4.7 billion, an annual growth of 31.4 percent. The financial income of the district level reached 4.04 billion yuan, an annual growth of 14 percent. The energy consumption for every 10,000 yuan gross domestic product dropped 20 percent at the end of 2010 compared with 2006, 5 percentage points lower than the target of the 11th Five-year.

2. Continued upgrading of industrial structures

We are bound to the policy of developing both modern manufacture and modern service industries at the same time. And we made great efforts to push forward the construction of industrial areas and innovative areas in Fengxian. The proportion of the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry has been adjusted from 4.4:66.1:29.5 in 2005 to 3.2:64.9:31.9 in 2010. The volume of the secondary industry is continually growing, and the modern manufacturing industry including six strategic new industries and eight traditional industries are at a preliminary stage of development.
The tertiary industry rose at annual rate of 18.5% during the 11th five-year period, 2 percent faster than the total value-add of the district over the same period. The development of modern service industries, including logistics (transport, post and storage), IT, finance and banking and real estate has accelerated. In addition, a modern agriculture system has been established in Fengxian District.

3. Good achievement on urban construction and management

The aims set for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai have been exceeded in Fengxian District, including the 600 Day Action Plan for the World Expo in Fengxian District. The operation of urban management during the World Expo was excellent and orderly. The Shanghai Municipal Government recognized the construction of Nanqiao New City as a key new city. All key projects in the district have been carried out smoothly: the Second Minpu Bridge opened to traffic; and construction on the Xidu Metro Station has started.
During the 11th five-year period, 520 new bus stations have been set up and 132 kilometers of new and innovated roads have been constructed. The environment in the district keeps improving with green coverage expanding to 25.8 percent and 100 percent of waste were properly treated. The fourth round of the three-year environmental protection action plan was carried out smoothly. The development of a beach area also made good progress.

4. Social welfare development pushed forward.

Public service, education, healthcare and social security have all developed steadily. The livelihood of residents has kept improving with the registered unemployment rate coming in at 4.3 percent. Social security was improved with 98 percent of the rural population taking part in rural insurance schemes and 100 percent of the urban population joining medical insurance schemes. Benefits for senior people, women and disabled have had great achievements.

5. The construction of a new rural area progressed.

Zhuanghang Town was selected as one of nine test areas for the construction of a new rural area in Shanghai. In Fengxian District, altogether 1,115 bridges have been renovated, and 4,504 houses in rural area have been upgraded. The disposable income of the rural area in 2010 reached 13,180 yuan per household.

6. Government service ability keeps improving

All the achievements of Fengxian District were made possible by the implementation of a scientific outlook on development by the Party and public service mindset. At the same time, we must have a clear mind that there were still some problems and difficulties in the 11th Five-year Period, for example: the industrial development base and innovation ability are still weak, the economic production volume and financial income are still relatively small in scale, and social projects and management can hardly meet the demand of people.


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Chapter 2: Development targets for the 12th Five-year Period

1. During the 12th Five-year Period, Fengxian District is at a critical stage of development

The 12th five-year period for Fengxian District is critical, for both innovative transformation and upgrading functions. With Shanghai becoming the focus of global resources, Fengxian District will have the rare opportunity of attracting investment from overseas. The Shanghai Municipal Government has made it clear that the northern bank of Hangzhou Bay will be the base for strategic new industries, which will provide an opportunity for Fengxian District to receive higher and newer technology. The CPC Shanghai Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government has made it clear that Nanqiao New City will be a key new town in the city and the construction will definitely bring opportunities for the joint development of rural and urban areas in the district.

Global economic crises and regional competition are two grave challenges for Fengxian District in the near future. We must have a clear mind on the situation and try our best to take hold of development opportunities.

2. Guide the development in the 12th Five-year Period with emphasis on innovation and transformation
The overall target of Fengxian District during the 12th Five-year Period is to construct “three areas and one base.” We must follow the principles below in order to construct the district into a modern coastal city:

- Stick to the transformation pattern of economic development. We must push forward the integration of information technologies with industries, the development of high tech and new technology.

- Stick to the development of low carbon, environmental friendly ways. We must pay attention to the implementation of new technologies adopted at the Shanghai World Expo and raise the energy use effect.

- Stick to development guided by innovation. We must always bear in mind that technology is the pinnacle in productivity and human resources are the top resource.

- Stick to the joint development of urban and rural areas. We must always put the construction of rural areas in an important position when focusing on the development of Nanqiao New City. We will try to make breakthroughs in the construction of infrastructure and development during social undertakings and public service.

- Stick to people oriented and livelihood first mindset. We must upgrade public service levels and keep completing social security systems in order to meet the needs of people.

- Stick to deepening reform and open policies. We must join in all kinds of cooperation, be they regional, domestic or international, in order to deepen the economic reform and development.

3. We will try to upgrade city functions and overall strength to a new level.

The main target for us is to form a modern industrial system and transform the district into a base for new strategic industries in Shanghai. We will strive to be a fair, transparent, efficient and effective government. We will put about 8 percent of financial income into the development of science and technology. The disposable income of rural areas will rise above 10 percent. The energy-consumption will fall more than 16 percent compared with the end of the 11th Five-year Period. The unemployment rate will be controlled and kept below 4.5 percent.


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Chapter 3: Stick to industrialization to create a modern industrial system.

We will actively push forward the development of strategic, new, service industries, keep upgrading agricultural modernization, strive to make beachside industrial zones and accelerate the development of a modern industrial system by keeping pace with industrial reallocation, innovation and transformation in Shanghai.

1. Develop strategic, new industries.

We will prioritize the development of six strategic, new industries through innovation. We will work to attract research institutes and breed self-developed brands to make Fengxian District a strategical new industrial base in Shanghai.

- New energy. We will focus on the development of solar power batteries, hydrogen fuel batteries, lithium batteries, wind generation on land and sea, and nuclear power station equipment. Fengxian District will become an important base for the research and development, production and servicing for new energy industries through the development of Shanghai Industrial Integration Development Zone, Fengcheng Industrial Zone and Yangwang Industrial Zone.

- Biopharmaceuticals. We will make full use of Xinghuo Development Zone and Biology Science & Technology Zone, strengthen cooperation with the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, set up an incubation and industrial platform to focus on the development of biology products, chemical materials and products, modern traditional Chinese medicine and medical equipment.

- New materials. High performance carbon fiber, high temperature fiber and alloy, titanium alloy materials, environmental friendly materials and new green construction material will be key development areas at Shanghai Industrial Integration Development Zone, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone and Jinhui Industrial Zone.

- Major equipment. Linggang Fengxian Zone, Harbor Integrated Economic Development Zone and Shanghai Fengcheng Industrial Zone will focus on heavy construction machines, large water and fire power station equipment, metro equipment, large casting and forging equipment, instruments, meters, control systems and numerical controlled machine tools.

- Smart grid. We will focus on new energy input equipment, power storage, intelligent transformer substations, smart power networks, smart terminals, ultra high voltage transmission and high temperature superconducting mainly based in Shanghai Industrial Integration Development Zone. We will set up research and development, production and application bases in the above-mentioned sectors, try to incubate one or two leading enterprises, form enterprise groups on smart grids with high competitiveness, thus positioning Fengxian in the leading position in this sector in Shanghai, and even in China.

- Airplane equipment. Linggang Fengxian Industrial Zone will develop airplane equipment industries with a focus on electronic equipment, instrument control equipment for airplanes and airport equipment.

Eight industries with a competitive edge will be developed. Fengxian District authorities pledge support for the development of electricity equipment, automobile components, instruments, IT, agriculture processing, logistic equipment, yacht manufacturing and fine chemical industries.

Industry transformation and upgrading will be accelerated. Developing new industries in the existing industrial development zones is key to industry transformation and upgrading in Fengxian District. Shanghai Industrial Integration Development Zone, Linggang Fengxian Industrial Zone, Xinghuo Industrial Zone, Biology Science & Technology Zone, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone and Harbor Economic Zone will be developed into bases for strategical new industries with high technology, capital, efficiency and low energy consumption.

2. To push forward the development of the modern service industry.

Fengxian District will set a target of developing a modern service industry platform on the northern beach of Hanghzou Bay. It will become another development engine of Shanghai apart from Pudong New Area and the Bigger Hongqiao Area with emphasis on finance, trade, logistics, culture, creative and exhibition sectors.

- Tourism and exhibition. Backed by tourism development in Hangzhou Bay, Fengxian authorities will work to turn the Bihaijinsha Area into a travel center with water recreation, leisure, trade, exhibition and tourism functions in the south of Shanghai. Fengxian plans to set up the first yacht basin in Shanghai.

- New trade and business service industry. Nanqiao New City will be the platform to attract and develop new trade and business service industries, covering catering, banks, post office, securities, training, chain stores, shopping centers and supermarkets.

- Modern logistics. Fengxian District encourages large logistics companies to station in Harbor Economic Zone and Linggang Fengxian Industrial Zone to develop them into logistics centers with competitive edges.

- Banking service. Back office service and asset management institutes will be developed with the construction of Nanqiao New City.

- Real estate. Fengxian District will set up a complete housing system to meet the need of people. And at the same time business and office buildings will be constructed in order to keep pace with the urbanization in the district.

- Culture and creative industries. The district will develop travel, culture, creative, design and fashion industries and attract a group of talents to Nanqiao New City, the Bay, Zhuanghang, Qingchun and Fengcheng towns.

- Other important service industries. With planning, policy and financial support, Fengxian District plans to attract professional services including accounting, legislation, consulting, auditing and certification.

“One key” and “five areas” layout will be formed. The “one key” is the Nanqiao New City, where business headquarters, manufacturing and service industries, high tech research and development and yacht building will be strategic areas. The “five areas” include: the modern logistics area backed by Harbor Economic Zone and Linggang Fengxian Industrial Zone; a banking and finance zone with back office service, asset management and mobile phone payment; travel and leisure zones with sea and agriculture as its characteristics; university zone; and the culture and creative industry zone along the south bank of Huangpu River in the district.

3. The modernization of agriculture

Agriculture in Fengxian District will increasingly feature low carbon, high efficiency and leisure functions as its goals. The district will set up a well-planned and advanced agriculture system with excellent infrastructure.

Technology innovations in agriculture will be key. Innovation is key to the development of agriculture, especially in breeding new species. Organic Food and National Geographic Agricultural Product certifications will be pushed forward and a batch of products in Fengxian will be branded, including yellow peaches, sweet pears, South American white prawns and edible fungus species.

The modern agriculture industry system will be upgraded. Market orientation, processing and service are key to the development of the sector. The agriculture market, assets and resources will be scientifically allocated. Major agricultural enterprises and agents will be supported and professional agriculture cooperatives will be made stronger. Creative agriculture finance systems will be explored to make investment more diversified.
Low carbon agriculture will be developed. Recycling and low carbon agriculture will be beneficiary to the upgrading of efficiency, especially in the usage of straws and soils of pigs and cows. Five areas will be in the leading position in the sector, including the Fengxian Modern Agriculture Area, Zhuanghang Leading Agriculture Area, Tuolin Landscape Agriculture Area, Qingchun Shenya Recycling Agriculture Area and Metropolitan Forest Creativity Agriculture Area.

4. Collect strategic resources and push forward new business models

Attracting investment and strategic resources is an important part of development in Fengxian District in order to realize a new round of development and the targets of the district during the 12th Five-year Period.

We will carry out plans to attract strategic investment. Attracting high-level talents is crucial in attracting key projects and investment with the emphasis on six strategic new industries and service industries in the era after the global financial crisis and Shanghai World Expo.

We will improve the models of attracting investment. And we will complete the incentive mechanism and strengthen team building to improve the environment and platform for talent exchange, investment, legal aid and public service, etc. We will set up a complete and highly efficient system to attract investment. Through various promotions and activities of different channels, we will take solid steps to improve the efficiency in attracting investments to Fengxian District.


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Chapter 4: Follow a new type of urbanization and focus on Nanqiao. New City construction.

It will be crucial to stick to our goal of letting people enjoy the city’s development achievements, follow the development guidelines of being directed by strong planning and designs, putting the environment first, using advanced supporting facilities, harmonizing industries and the city, residents and businesses in order for them grasp the strategic opportunities and focus on Nanqiao New City development and construction as Shanghai is accelerating rural new city construction. New concepts of low carbon, ecology, wisdom and livable environments will be featured to build up a hub and portal in order to serve the southern part of the Yangtze Delta and Pudong development, while being part of a Shanghai comprehensive service city on the northern beach of the Hangzhou Bay.

1. High-level planning and Nanqiao New City construction.

Improve new city construction planning.
Promote implementation of Nanqiao New City plans and the new city construction by sticking to high-level planning, high-quality construction and high-standard management. Realize an overall harmony of space, function, industries and environment under the guidance of thorough planning. Improve the design level of key development units and complete special plans concerning new city industries, infrastructure, social undertakings and development and the use of underground space so as to form a full-scale plan. The public should be invited to join in the formulation of plans and explore a global bidding process with international influence to improve the transparency of planning.

Improve city operational facilities.
Facilitate a city facility system corresponding to fast urban development. Improve the city road network by adding connections between the new city and outside roads and increasing the density of the interior road network so as to improve traffic efficiency. Spare no efforts to develop public transportation. Start and complete construction of Nanqiao New City comprehensive transportation hub. While finishing construction of the Fengxian part of Metro Line 5, try actively to connect the line with the city’s other metro lines and integrate into the Shanghai urban area as quickly as possible. Improve quality of public facilities of electric power, telecommunication, network, gas and water supply and drainage.

Build up an ecologically harmonious urban environment.
Establish an urban green land ecological system, make reasonable use of resources, accelerate green belt construction, build up an organic and diversified natural ecological network, optimize the central ecological forest land, promote vertical planting and improve city afforestation coverage. Highlight the water-featuring environment, treat river courses of Jinhui Port and Punan canal, restructure the new city’s water system, promote construction of the central ecological forestland and build a riverside scene consisting of the central ecological forestland and Shanghai indigenous fish.
Develop and implement low-carbon technology standards in urban construction and actively promote green buildings and green traffic. Lower energy consumption in infrastructure construction and operations and improve efficiency in recycling by making use of all types of environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies.

2. Keep improving comprehensive service of the new city.

Keep optimizing service for industrial development.
Build a new city industrial comprehensive service system, strengthen construction of industrial service platforms and build a group of platforms for public research and development, administrative service, intermediary services and financing services. Promote construction of industrial carriers including productive service function areas, high-tech research and development areas and commercial areas for headquarters of small and medium-size companies. Actively introduce functional projects and develop functional industries. Speed up the development of professional services and improve the service environment.

Improve support for social undertakings.
Promote development of social undertakings to keep pace with the new city’s industrial layout and infrastructure construction. Speed up improving basic public service systems, increase investment in public services, optimize the layout of public service facilities and improve the overall supply of public services.
A city-level Fengxian District Central Hospital should be built and the construction of a group of key social projects like the South Shanghai Culture Center and the World Foreign Language School should be promoted. Actively create a development system of social undertakings, explore multiple investment ways for social undertakings, encourage and support social forces to join the construction of social undertakings and satisfy people’s diversified demands for public services.

Speed up improvement of living needs service systems.
Form a convenient and complete living needs service systems to build an effective lifestyle city. According to the new city’s population requirements, industrial and space arrangement, optimized functions and layout of living service facilities, reasonably arranged living service institutions and facilities concerning commerce, culture, sports, medical service, education and information should be facilitated. Introduce high-end commercial brands, develop services accepted by the people and strengthen the construction of central commercial areas. Facilitate construction of a modern city complex with commercial trade, dining, entertainment, relaxation and office buildings. Build landmark commercial centers to improve the new city’s commercial district.

Promote construction of large-scale residential communities
Promote construction of large-scale residential communities and finish relocation of residents. Promote construction of affordable housing and ensure a harmonious development of affordable housing and commercial housing.

3. Improve the new city’s comprehensive management.

Promote intelligent city management.
Promote an overall integration of information technology and city development, construction high-level information infrastructure, facilitate informatized city management, build up a city of wisdom and realize scientific, intelligent and relevant management. Create an intelligent city management platform with advanced technology, intelligent service and innovative modes. Establish a database including major indices for urban management. Set up an intelligent traffic management system and a traffic comprehensive information platform to ease traffic jams. Improve the intelligence of public facilities and realize intelligent monitoring.

Intensify city comprehensive management.
Take the World Expo management experience as reference to improve criteria and measures of city management and city appearance. Set up a comprehensive and digital instruction center of urban management and a video monitoring system to improve city network management and improve the alert and quick response system of urban management. Improve urban management law enforcing ability, strengthen construction of the network operation system and unified the district’s law enforcement managing mode. Improve protection of city appearance and strengthen crackdown on illegal outdoor advertisement and unlicensed construction. Invite residents to join in urban management.

Promote “citizen-benefiting digit” action.
Promote informatization in public service fields that are closely related to the public, such as health, education and social community. Develop digital health projects centering on residents’ health needs and electronic medical records; digital education projects featuring a public service platform of educational informatization and digital community projects focusing on community management and civil service informatization. Cover the “digital gap” between different people and regions and actively promote informatization of archive resources.


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Chapter 5: Stick to urban and rural integration and facilitate the construction of a new countryside

Urban and rural integration is an important step in realizing fast development of Fengxian District. Promote construction of the new countryside and consider industry and agriculture, the urban and the rural areas and urban residents and rural residents jointly when planning to facilitate the sustainable development of the urban and rural economy and society.

1. Impeccable regional planning and layout

Promote township group development and construction.
Promote co-development of Nanqiao New City, the east region and the Haiwan region and coordinate development of the whole district. Stimulate development of eight towns by development of Nanqiao New City and the key regions and ensure township planning covers all the town areas. Optimize layout of infrastructure, public facilities, social undertakings and industrial projects to promote further concentration of population and industries.

  • Nanqiao New City Group

Concentrate on development and construction of Nanqiao New City and co-develop town groups of Nanqiao Town, Zhuanghang Town, Qingcun Town and Jinhui Town. Nanqiao Town will develop advanced manufacturing industries and a productive service sector like intelligent power grids, new energy resources and information and telecommunication equipment. Zhuanghang Town will focus on strategic new industries of rural tourism and new materials. Qingcun Town will work hard to develop modern service industries of ecological tourism and financial services and Jinhui Town will construct advanced manufacturing bases and modern ecological residential communities. A comprehensive service city will be built in the north of Hangzhou Bay.

  • Eastern Region Group

Co-develop the eastern regional group made up of Fengcheng Town, Lingang Fengxian Park and the Sea Port Comprehensive Economic Development Zone. Fengcheng Town will conduct social undertakings and develop new industries of logistics equipment and new energy sources. Situan Town, near the Lingang Industrial Zone, will make efforts to develop important equipment manufacturing industries and modern logistics. Part of Qingcun Town will develop advanced manufacturing industries for power transmission and distribution and new energy sources. There will be vertical distribution in the industrial chain between the east region group and the Nanqiao New City Group.

  • Haiwan Regional Group

Promote development of Haiwan Town and Haiwan Tourist zone. Strengthen infrastructure construction and ecological environmental protection in the region and develop modern service industry of tourism and exhibitions, as well as the marine economy. Tuolin Town will be build up a group of high-tech parks to facilitate co-development of production, research and development in a university town currently being constructed in the town. A modern seaside city with international influence will be built here.

2. Push forward construction of the new countryside to a new phase

Create more new systems in key fields of the countryside.
Promote development of Qingcun Town, a pilot town for the development and reform of national small towns and promote replacement of farmers’ housing land and villages in a way that conforms with the law. Intensify reform of the property right system in the rural collective economy, explore land contracting and operation right flow systems, improve the employment and social security systems of farmers whose land is expropriated and promote the rural land shareholding system. Increase farmers’ incomes, offer more training and employment opportunities to farmers.

Promote the overall development of rural social undertakings.
Promote education development and improve compulsory education quality in the rural area. Further consolidate the new rural cooperative medical service system, strengthen management of village doctors and improve the work system of urban hospitals’ supports to rural health work to improve public health services. Speed up construction of public cultural services, promote construction of social culture centers, provide more support to farmers’ artistic and sports teams, improve rural fitness facilities and try to set up a standard farmers’ club in each community.

Carry out improvement of the rural environment.
Gradually establish long-term management systems for village renovation and regulate farmers’ house construction. Improve the rural environment by carrying out sewage treatment. Strengthen treatment and supervision on scattered small and medium-sized companies in the countryside and shut small companies outside industrial parks step by step. Improve the recycling of garbage resources and the decontamination rate of garbage should reach 100 percent.

3. Balance urban and rural infrastructure construction

Strengthen construction of urban and rural comprehensive traffic systems.
Further improve road connections to the downtown urban area, facilitate a group of major road construction projects and traffic infrastructure construction projects. Develop passenger transport capacity of the Fengxian part of Pudong railway to achieve an efficient connection between trains and buses. Improve connection between rural bus routes and urban bus networks and promote the optimization of urban and rural bus network arrangements. Build more taxi stations and promote long-distance passenger transport. Strengthen construction of major freight transport networks connecting the port, airport, railway hub, big logistics parks and advanced manufacture bases. Further improve bus intelligent information systems and carry out planning and construction of water tourism routes connecting major landscapes.

Speed up urban and rural public infrastructure construction.
Speed up construction of the Minfeng raw water Fengxian branch on the upper reaches of the Huangpu River to protect water sources. Carry out renovation on old water supply pipe networks in villages and towns to improve water quality. Promote construction of sewage treatment plants and sewage collection pipe networks. Speed up construction of city (town) gas pipe networks and gas networks. Optimize bus station arrangements in the countryside and build a complete shipping lane network to improve transport capacity of the shipping lanes.

4. Promote balanced development of basic public service

Narrow the gap between urban and rural public services.
Accelerate development of social undertakings in the whole district, increase investment in public services and set up a unified public service system in the urban and rural areas. Direct good quality social public service sources to the countryside and accelerate construction of public service infrastructure in the rural area to realize a balance of public service in the urban and rural areas.

Establish and improve a social insurance system covering both the urban and rural areas.
Establish a pension system made up of pensions for urban employees, new pensions for rural residents and pensions for small township residents and improve a medical insurance system centered around medical insurance for urban employees, urban residents and rural residents. Build up a unified human resources market to form a system of equal employment for urban and rural laborers.


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Chapter 6. Promote Social Development, Protect and Improve People’s livelihoods

Promoting social development and protection as well as improving people’s livelihoods has become the starting point and objective of accelerating transformation of the economic development mode. Only by establishing and improving a good social structure and institutions, which can ensure reasonable allocation of social resources, and forming social organizations and social forces which can harmonize all kinds of social relations, could we improve the livelihood of people and increase their wealth. Thereby, people in Fengxian District can lead a joyful and decent life, while the society will become more fair and harmonious.

One: Accelerate Social Development

Give priority to the development of education.
Focus on lifelong development and promoting the people-oriented, quality-oriented and integrated development of students. In this way it’s possible to realize the stable improvement of education quality in Fengxian District. Further integrate education resources and actively introduce high-quality education resources to Fengxian District, to achieve a reasonable pattern of education resources; therefore, children of people who come to work in Fengxian can enjoy the same access to compulsory education as others, and education can develop fairly and harmoniously.
Speed up the construction of a modern vocational education system and constantly improve regional economic development of vocational education. Promote the cooperation between Nanqiao New City with excellent domestic and foreign educational institutions; and develop good education quality in South Shanghai. Develop a new three-year preschool education plan, high school improvement plan, and education internationalization plan as key projects; therefore place the education quality of Fengxian among the first class of Shanghai suburbs.

Speed up the development of public cultural undertakings.
Strengthen the traditional culture in Fengxian District, guided by Xian Culture (shortened form of Fengxian culture, and also means wisdom of sages). Develop a three-level public service culture system, and perfect the cultural facilities network of the district, town and village. Speed up the development of cultural facilities in Nanqiao New City and form a multifunctional and compacting service culture; improve the cultural facilities in communities and further promote the rollout of cable TV in countries. Strengthen the operation of public culture service institutions and further deepen the reform of cultural system innovation; improve the public cultural resources distribution system and realize an on-demand distribution service. Strengthen the protection and development of historical and cultural heritages, and further promote the regional cultural characteristics and brand cultural activities. Regulate cultural markets and develop a just, fair and open market. Establish new archives and promote the overall development of archive undertakings.

Actively develop medical and health-care undertakings.
Promote health care reform, increase input and support to public health, promote public health service equalization, and constantly improve the health of people. Further strength the development of health personnel, key and specialized projects; improve the overall health-care service quality. Strengthen the overall arrangement and plan of health resources in the district; relocate and upgrade the central hospital and mental health center, and extend the Fengcheng Hospital; strengthen the management and construction of community hospitals; establish large-scale community health service institutions, and endeavor to set up one or two second-class general hospitals. Strengthen the health care and precaution of women and children. Perfect the supervision laws and regulations of public hygiene, occupational health and medical service.

Actively develop sports undertakings.
Further improve the nationwide fitness service system; earnestly enhance nationwide fitness awareness; actively launch nationwide fitness campaigns; propel the program “Move for Health of ALL” and improve the overall physical health of residents. Make reasonable arrangement of sports facilities and accelerate the Nanqiao New City Sports Center; actively propel township fitness centers and realize the universal coverage of township sports centers; perfect the pattern of community sports centers. Further strengthen the management of community sports facilities and earnestly improve the utilization ratio of public sports facilities.
Speed up the development of a sports industry and steadily improve the sales volume of sports lotteries. Cultivate capable people and offer amateur training yet professional management to them; consolidate the advantaged sport events and develop the potential-advantaged sport events; intensify the scientific selection of competent people; constantly improve the training method and earnestly promote the level of competitive sports.

Two: Improve Overall Social Management

Actively speed up social management.
Regulate the community affair service centers; therefore realize joint work and information sharing, and form a new work pattern of accepting all district affairs and all-year-round service. Explore the establishment of community service centers and association; maximize the effectiveness of resource integration and establish a community service network that covers the central town and radiate through the whole district. Strive to improve community autonomy, also establish and carry out rules for procedures of major issues in the village; strengthen the building of village committees and cadres at basic level; regulate the electoral procedure of village committees, and gradually increase the ratio of mass election and direct election of residents’ committees. Strive to improve tenement management and further perfect a tenement management system, which integrates departments and regions at different levels and stick to territorial management principle; therefore maintain the harmony and stability of communities.

Strengthen the population integration service.
Improve the population structure with the upgrade of industrial structures, and further guide the population’s rational flow and balanced development. Strengthen the cooperation of all departments; integrate social and administrative resources; improve the ability to comprehensively resolve population issues; and further propel the overall reform of population and family planning. Intensify propaganda of the one-child policy; popularize basic knowledge of family planning; and further create a caring atmosphere. Earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights of minority communities and plan a reasonable pattern of religious activities. Stick to localized management and citizenship principle; strengthen the service, management and education of people who come to Fengxian District and further increase their social identity.

Strive to create a safe Fengxian.
Strive to build a solid foundation of public security; further improve public security, crime prevention and control systems; combat all kinds of crimes according to the law; and further increase the public’s sense of security. Further ways to strengthen public security: improve meteorological warnings and services; strengthen the supervision of the environment, food and drugs; further enhance the fire protection service; and constantly promote the ability to cope with earthquakes, typhoons and floods.
Pay close attention to production safety management; establish a safety management responsibility system; improve supervision methods of safety production; and strengthen supervision of key industries. Steadily propel the integrated city management system; constantly improve big mediation mechanisms; establish risk analysis and evaluation systems of major issues, long-term working mechanisms, public opinion response mechanisms and mass incidents contingency disposal mechanisms. Perfect mobilization for national defense systems; strengthen the mobilization for national defense and establish civil defense forces; propel national defense education; support armed forces and give preferential treatment to families of servicemen and martyrs, as well as support the government and cherish the people.

Promote equality between men and women and give priority to child development.
Implement the basic state policy of equality of men and women; ensure women have equal opportunity to achieve economic and social resources; ensure women have equal employment opportunities and social security; increase the women’s overall quality and involvement of social politics; strengthen the labor protection of women. Give priority to child development; constantly meet demands of children’s development; propel the overall healthy development of children. Constantly improve children’s survival, protection, development and social environment; cultivate children’s innovation spirit and practical abilities; improve the overall quality and development level of children.

Three: Improve the Social Security System

Actively enlarge and stabilize the employment market.
Regard employment as the foundation of people’s livelihood; establish an overall standard human resource market; fully grasp the implementation of employment policy; give high priority to college and technical secondary school graduates, as well as surplus rural labor; earnestly expand the job market, guide ventures and provide employment assistance; and gradually promote the public employment service system. Regulate labor relations according to the law; provide supervision, arbitration and mediation for labor disputes; explore ways to propel collective bargaining systems over staff salaries; create a harmonious working environment.

Improve social security systems.
Steadily implement a transitional plan from comprehensive insurance, town insurance and agricultural insurance to urban residents insurance. Constantly improve the management and operating mechanism of social security funds; continuously increase public finance input to social security development; gradually increase basic pension of agricultural security year by year, combined with the economic development of Fengxian. Established Second Welfare House, district-level universities for the senior and senior activity centers as major projects. Continue to provide pensions for those whose land has been expropriated by the government; ensure the new expropriated will definitely receive social security, according to the principle of highlighting the key projects, regulating work from now on, and propelling work in order.

Improve and perfect social assistance mechanisms.
Further regulate the urban and rural subsistence security system and five rural guarantees; perfect all kinds of social special assistance systems; implement overall special care and placement policies. Improve temporary assistance systems and increase the government’s input; widen the channel of fund-raising; earnestly alleviate acute and temporary difficulties. Strengthen social assistance, implement social insurance systems, strengthen rehabilitation services and social welfare, and propel multiple-channel and multiform employment for disabled people; constantly improve the social environment to benefit people with disabilities. Strive to cultivate and develop nonprofit social organizations like the Red Cross; propel the sound development of social philanthropy.

Strive to innovate and improve the pattern of old-age care.
Constantly improve the old-age care system based on family support, reliance on home-based care, and combined institution care as complements; gradually narrow the gap between urban and rural areas; improve the transition of all kinds of old-age care systems. Strengthen the establishment of elder people’s sports facilities, actively develop senior activity teams and enrich their lives. Further improve the medical treatment and nursing service for elderly people. Continue to propel establishment of nursing beds moderately; strive to have more than 5,000 nursing beds in the district by 2015, four percent of total elderly people who age over sixty.

Propel overall housing security.
Improve housing security systems, strengthen housing development and meet the demands of low-income families as much as possible; actively raise housing by building low-rent housing, economical housing, public rental housing and relocation housing, by establishing new buildings and support facilities; improve the management of housing from establishment, allocation, usage to exit. Continue to govern dangerous and old residential buildings, and houses built on the funds collected by farmers.

Four: Enhance the Social and Ideological Structure ≈

Enhance the formation of an ideological and ethical system.
Balance the socialist core values system and Fengxian Culture; enhance the construction of ideological and ethical system of citizens; cultivate good social morals, professional ethics, family virtues and personal morality.
Launch extensive education in patriotism, collectivism and socialism and constantly promote advanced models. Master and guide the public opinion. Explore social management and incentive mechanisms for voluntary service; propel the further popularization of volunteerism. Strive to establish education mechanisms for ideological and ethical systems that benefit juveniles; therefore form a good pattern of school, family and society.

Strive to improve social construction of ideological infrastructure.
Deepen the series activities of civilized district, towns, communities and work places; further promote management and evaluation mechanism and improve the overall ideological infrastructure of the public. Speed up to form a cultural network which has venues in downtown, activity centers in towns, branch activity centers in communities, activity places in housing estates and farmers’ clubs in administrative villages. Perfect the co-creation mechanism and constantly improve the military and civilian development, cooperation of town and country, and neighborhood co-construction.

Propel the establishment of an educational urban district.
Set off an upsurge of learning in all social fields. Propel the establishment of teaching institutions, aimed at improving the cadres’ quality and working efficiency. Propel to establish learning enterprises, aimed at improving the innovation and competitiveness of companies. Establish learning communities, aimed at improving the residents’ quality and community harmony. Launch all kinds of science popularization activities; further improve the public’s scientific quality; establish national and municipal science demonstration sites as major projects; speed up the establishment of mass media, a popular science gallery, a lecture hall, community college and education base.

Strengthen the socialistic legal framework.
Actively implement the fundamental principle of ruling the country in accordance with law, and propel the overall governance of the district by law. Further launch laws publicity and through education activities, promote a spirit of legality and socialistic rule of law. There must be laws to go by, the laws must be observed and strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted; constantly improve law enforcement and provide legal assurance to realize social equality and justice.


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Chapter 7: Fast track Construction of Service-oriented Government and Strengthening Reform and Development.

Under the core of transformation of government functions, Fengxian County Government concerns itself more with public service and efforts to make itself a satisfying service-oriented government with excellent service, regulated procedures, crystal clear administration and high efficiency to guarantee social economic development, establishing a good economic and political environment for social development and improving the economic level and internationalization of Fengxian County.

  • Establish the Assessment Index System of a Service-oriented Government

The government carries out evaluation on the regional development environment and strengthens the construction of the political environment, as the speed of administrative approval and the administrative transparency will be improved. The distribution of resources among enterprises and the numbers of enterprise headquarters and market agencies will be the emphasis of the evaluation.
The evaluation of public service supply and our financial expenditure is carried out and the proportion of socialized and marketed public services will be a key measure. The evaluation of justice, legal systems and transparency of government information will be strengthened, and the evaluation of social aid coverage rates and salary increases will also be followed.

  • Improve the Administrative Efficiency of Governmental Service

The government will establish and administrative service center on district level to integrate various department functions. With three network systems, an administrative approval platform, administrative efficiency supervision platform, public distribution platform and citizen service platform will be established.
The official website “Shanghai Fengxian” will be perfected to promote the publication of government information and online services. In the future, more events and services can be applied for, solved and approved directly through the Internet. The supervision and appraisal of public servants will be strengthened to establish a scientific government supervision system.

  • Build a Good System for a Development Environment

The environment for economic development and investment will be improved continuously, as the market access criteria will be set lower to encourage more public capital to invest in basic facilities, and the government also encourages enterprises to be listed on the stock market.
A more open environment for development will be established and the co-development among Fengxian, Pudong and Hongqiao will be promoted. In the future, Fengxian will make best efforts to construct the headquarter zones and core commercial district, and the cooperation with the economic circle of the Yangtze Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be promoted.
Fengxian will also attract more headquarters, research centers and professional service institutes of international enterprises, as the government will provide the best conditions for living and services, including improving the convenience of education, medical services, residences and language services. Public welfare projects and various social organizations will be supported and cultivated to improve social careers.

  • Carry out Pilot Coordinated Reform of Urban and Rural Areas

The government promotes basic facility construction, social security and social careers in urban and rural areas, as both areas shall share resources and promote the economies of each other. Various government departments will cooperate and coordinate to ensure the reform goes well.
The principles of “City supports Villages,” “Industry supports Agriculture” will be championed, and the taxation system will be perfected.


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Chapter 8: Constructing Strong District of Innovative Industries and Talents

Fengxian County will carry out the principle of “Independent Innovation Supports Future Development” and stress education and talent attraction.

  • Improve Regional Innovative Ability

Fengxian Government promotes the state technological innovative projects and establishes the innovative system combined with enterprises, markets and colleges. The government will invest more in developing science and perfecting research teams and institutes. The innovative power of enterprises and universities in Fengxian will be strengthened.

The government aims to inspire the innovative power of enterprises in key industries and fields to form a group of key products and technologies of domestic and international leading levels. The beneficial policies for innovative enterprises and products will also be implemented and new engineering research centers and labs will be established.

The service ability of university scientific zones and technological bases will be improved continuously to ensure more technological achievements are transformed into practical production power.

  • Improve Environment for Scientific Innovation

Fengxian will develop more public service platforms and systems in towns and development zones to quicken scientific innovation, as the construction of modern agricultural, biological, professional cultivation and development will be completed.
Supporting policies of independent innovation will be improved greatly and the cooperation between districts, towns and departments will be deepened. Various venture funds will be encouraged to invest in high-tech enterprises of Fengxian and attract talents.

The strategy of intellectual property rights will be carried out and the innovative power of independent intellectual property rights will be improved. Intellectual property rights will be protected with government supervision, enterprise self-discipline, public supervision and mass participation.

  • Strengthening Talent Development

The construction of talent teams in administrative affairs, enterprise management, professional technology, high skills, rural work and social work will be improved and stressed, and a complete talent training program will be carried out under the cooperation with colleges, research institutes and public service units in the county.

High-end talents of modern manufacturing, modern service, education and culture fields will be made a priority for the county, and a series of beneficial policies will be carried out to attract local talents back to their hometown from other provinces and abroad. Special devotion awards and funds will be established by county finance to attract high-end talents and teams to start businesses in Fengxian, and the related services of residences, medical security and education will be provided as well.


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Chapter 9: Implement Low-carbon Development Concepts and Promote an Ecological Civilization

The construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society will be stressed as part of the process of development. Fengxian will promote a recycle economy and explore low-carbon development to make the county a modern urban area with unique features, obvious ecological advantages and a harmonious relationship between human and the nature.

  • Promote Low-Carbon Development

A recycle economy as a new development mode will be explored. The supervision of industrial pollution will be strengthened and new energy will be researched and put into use. Low-carbon agriculture will also be developed to establish a chain with low-cost production and recycling.

Energy saving and emission reduction will be strengthened and the industrial structure will be updated. Enterprises in Nanqiao New Town, the north coast of Hangzhou Bay and the south bank of Huangpu River with high pollution, high energy consumption, high danger and low profit will be adjusted. By the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, most of such enterprises will be knocked out of the economy.

Energy-saving products will be promoted for use in manufacturing, traffic and construction, service and public institutes. Special funds will be established to award those technological zones with low emissions.

Land resources will be developed properly as the farmland will be protected more strongly. The utilization rate of land will be improved.

  • Strengthen Environmental Protection

Construction of water safety and water quality and pollution supervision will be improved to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water, as the ecological environment of rivers will be improved a lot.

Excellent air condition will be established alongside pollution control and emission reduction, as the rate of good air quality of the entire county shall be kept over 92 percent. Three automatic air-monitoring stations will be perfected and a coalition emergency response system on air pollution with Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone will also be established.

The re-use and recycle of solid wastes will be improved under the principle of “reducing amount, making resources and no pollution.” The harmless disposal rate of household waste of the county shall reach 100 percent, and the utilization rate of solid industrial wastes shall reach 95 percent.

  • Protect the Marine Ecology

Green coverage and ecological environment standards will be improved greatly. With the National Forest Bay Park and Shenlong Ecological Garden, a combined ecological system with green lands, forests and wetlands will be established. By 2015, greens of 1,000 hectares will be established and the coverage rate of greens will reach 32 percent, as the area of public greens per capita will reach over 12 square meters.
The protection and development of areas in the north coast of Hangzhou Bay and Huangpu River will be carried out. A series of ecological restoration in Tangwai Chemical Industrial Zone and Jinhui Harbor will be implemented. Under the theme of an environment-protected ocean economy, industries of leisure tourism, commercial convention and exhibition and marine industry will be developed.


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Chapter 10: Strengthen the Implementation and Protection of Planning

Fast track the national economy and social development planning; standardize and institutionalize the implementation of development planning; improve scientific and democratic planning; further promote the planning, implementation and evaluation mechanisms; better play a guiding role in planning as general guidance to reform and development in Fengxian District during the 12th Five-Year Period.

One: Improve the Planning System
Recognize the function of all kinds of planning and strengthen the guidance of general planning to other specific planning. Organize the preparation of industry, social, cultural, environmental, population growth and talents planning, and then guide the development, examination, approval and policies of major projects in specific fields according to the planning. Improve the coordination and convergence of planning. Pay close attention to the convergence of planning; propel the convergence of specific and general planning; strengthen the coordination between national economy and the planning of related fields such as social development, land utilization and town development. Establish the social participation and debate system for planning.

Two: Establish Implementation Mechanisms for overall planning
Strengthen the implementation of planning; actively play the district government and functional departments’ role to combine planning with development, action and annual plans; join the short-term and long-term plans, and earnestly implement the general planning as well as objects, tasks and measures of specific planning in practice. Organize interim evaluation in the implementation of planning; the District People’s Congress will scrutinize the evaluation reports, then make adjustments and revisions, and finally propel the effective implementation of the planning.
Expand public participation, and open the planning as well as relevant information to the public. Publicize the development plans to the society and the public; constantly strengthen the public’s planning awareness; propel the public participation to the implementation and supervision of planning through legal procedures and channels; create a good environment of overall participation towards planning and acting in accordance with planning.

Three: Establish and Improve the Implementation and Evaluation Mechanism of Index System Planning
Thirty-five main indices concerning economic and social development in Fengxian District have been set in the 12th Five-Year Plan; relevant implementation and evaluation mechanisms of index system planning have been established according to different index attributes. The indices are into the economic and social development comprehensive evaluation and performance appraisal system of all departments, and are implemented according to attributes.
Main indices concerning economic and social development in Fengxian District during the 12th Five-Year Period are shown in the table below:

Main indices of economic and social development in Fengxian District during the 12th Five-Year Period

# Index Unit Attribute Responsible department Year 2015 Remarks
1 Added value of the three industries Billion Yuan Prospective District Statistics Bureau 87-100 Annual average 12-15%
2 Added value of tertiary industry in the proportion of that in the district % Prospective District Statistics Bureau Around 34  
3 Local financial revenue Billion Yuan Prospective District Finance Bureau 6.5-7.5 Annual average 10-13%
4 Output value of industrial enterprises above designated size Billion Yuan Prospective District Economic Committee 228-260 Annual average 12-15%
5 Six key strategic emerging industries value Billion Yuan Prospective District Statistics Bureau Double that of 2010  
6 Total social fixed assets investment Billion Yuan Prospective District Statistics Bureau Five-year cumulative 150-160 Annual average13-16%
7 Total exports of direct foreign trade Billion Dollar Prospective District Economic Committee 8.3-9.5 Annual average12-15%
8 Total sales of social retail goods Billion Yuan Prospective District Economic Committee 46-52 Annual average13-16%
9 Total agricultural output value Billion Yuan Prospective District Agriculture Committee 4.6 Annual average3%
10 Contribution rate of public transport % Prospective District Construction and Transportation Committee Over 18  
11 Coverage of family broadband access % Prospective District Information Committee 95  
12 Coverage of Urban Digital Command Center % Prospective District Green and City Appearance Bureau 70 16 branch centers in the district
13 Coverage of urban green % Prospective District Green and City Appearance Bureau Over 32  
14  Reduction rate of per capita municipal solid waste % Prospective District Green and City Appearance Bureau Over 20  
15 Living garbage treatment rate % Binding District Green and City Appearance Bureau 100  
16 Urban sewage treatment rate % Binding District Water Bureau 85  
17 Rural sewage treatment rate Family Prospective District Water Bureau 15000  
18 Quality of water supply - Binding District Water Bureau Meet new national standards  
19 Good rate of ambient air quality % Prospective District Environmental Protection Bureau 92  
20 Reduction rate of major pollutants Emissions (Chemical oxygen demand, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides) % Binding District Environmental Protection Bureau Complete municipal target  
21 Reduction rate of comprehensive energy consumption unit value added % Binding District Development and Reform Commission Five-year cumulative16  
22 Number of enterprises to establish technology center Number Prospective District Science and Technology Committee 100  
23 Number of patent applications per 100,000 population Project Prospective District Science and Technology Committee Over 400  
24 Public finance for investment in science and technology as a proportion of fiscal expenditure % Prospective District Finance Bureau Around 8  
25 Highly skilled technical positions as a proportion of employees % Prospective District Human Resource and Social Security Bureau 25  
26 Average annual growth rate of existing population % Prospective District Population Office Around 3.7  
27 Average life expectancy of household population Age Prospective District Health Bureau Over 82  
28 Registered urban unemployment rate % Binding District Human Resource and Social Security Bureau Within 4  
29 Average annual growth rate of rural residents’ Disposable income % Prospective District Statistics Bureau Over 10  
30 Pension coverage in rural areas % Prospective District Human Resource and Social Security Bureau Over 99  
31 Number of new affordable housing Hectare (apartment) Binding District Housing Management Bureau 400 hectare(around 45000 apartments) Five-year cumulative
32 Number of people enjoying social care service People Binding District Civil Affairs Bureau 12500 Annual average 11%
33 Total number of civilization establishments above district-level Number Prospective District Civilization Office 1630  
34 Completion rate of NPC deputies and CPPCC proposals written comments % Prospective District Government Office 100  
35 "One-door" examination and approval of the total proportion of examination and approval % Prospective District investment service center Over 50  


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