INVESTMENT Investment Guide

A guide to the main industries in each Industrial Park in Fengxian District

  • Shanghai Fengcheng Industrial Park: Machinery, electronics, and metalwork.
  • The newly developed Northern Park: New energy, especially focused on wind power, new energy vehicles, and solar photovoltaic (PV) devices.
  • Huoxing Development Zone: Bio-pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals (chemical fibers), automotive parts, new building materials, etc.
  • Fengxian Economic Development Zone: is a comprehensive industrial development zone.
  • Port Development Zone: Logistics warehouse district, business administrative services, and a workers’ accommodation district.
  • Chemical Industrial Park Fengxian Branch:
    • Fine chemical synthesis: chemical synthesis and processing materials, anti-corrosion coating materials, water treatment agents, etc.
    • Bio-pharmaceuticals: pharmaceuticals and intermediates, etc.
    • Chemical machinery manufacturing: pressure vessels, extrusion equipment, injection molding machines, air separation units, drying equipment, metal parts, easily-damaged parts, etc.
    • High-molecular materials products production: PC injection, membranes, PE/PP pipes, PVC Profiles, ABS appliance housings, car lining and parts, polyurethane foam manufacturing, etc.
    • Mixing materials for special polymers: insulating composition for communication, polymers for construction, color master batches, fillers, function master batches, organic and inorganic polymer powders, etc.
    • Chemical storage logistics: solid-state storage, liquid tank district, chemical raw materials, transportation and storage of productions, etc.
    • Chemical trade: business such as the supply of raw materials in chemical zones, product sales, etc.
  • Hangzhou Bay Economic Development Zone: The core industry is the production of small of middle sized luxury yachts, supported with the production of marine equipment, yacht decoration, and hardware. Moreover, marinas have been built to attract marina clubs. Through these initiatives, Hangzhou Bay Economic Development Zone is designed to be a yacht storage base and a base for the production of branded yachts, after-sales service, and yacht sailing.
  • Lingang Logistic Park Fengxian Branch: This modern logistic industry is oriented towards port logistics, warehousing and distribution logistics, and production logistics in the south. An equipment manufacturing industry focused on ship and marine engineering, logistic and construction machinery, vehicle, auto parts and accessories and key aviation equipment is emphasized in the north.
  • New Business Park is located in the economic function zone of Nanqiao New Town, the southern core Shanghai .Focus on building integrated technology industry function, such as science and technology incubator, innovation, advanced manufacturing, industrial service etc. It is an Industrial clustering base of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry.

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