INVESTMENT Infrastructure

Urban Infrastructure

In 2009, 30 projects were listed as important projects and the total investment of 18 billion yuan were allocated. All the important projects are advancing solidly.

The road network is gradually nearing completion. The total road network covers 1,255.69 kilometers in the district, along 89.18 kilometers of highway.

The supply of water, electricity and gas is optimized. Our district entered a new era where intensive water supply integrates urban and rural areas, and the quality of the water supply have been greatly improved. The supply capacity of tap water reaches 482,400 cubic meters per day. The total volume of water sold annually is about 98.82 million cubic meters.

Urban Environment Protection and Governance

Environment protection is strictly enforced. The fourth round of the Three-year Environment Protection Plan is being actively implemented, and the planned total investment is 4.183 billion yuan. Total money invested during the past year was 923 million yuan, accounting for 22% of the planned total investment. There are 16 projects nearly completed and 50 projects just starting. The general rates of new and completed projects are 82.5%.

All environmental monitoring indicators have been improved. The number of days during a year in which air quality is good is 343, and the good rate of air quality reaches 93.9%.

The construction of green areas is continuously enforced. By the end of this year, a total area of 23.58 million square meters of gardens and green belts will finish construction, by which time the public green belt will cover 3.63 million square meters. The green area is supposed to cover 23.85% of the district and the green belt would cover 23.58% of the district.

Business environment for foreign investors

Power supply There is a 500 thousand volt substation in the district, which is the biggest in Asia, and besides there are another nineteen 35 thousand volt substations. The completed Shanghai Fengxian Combustion Turbine Power Plant has a power supply capacity of 4x180MW.
Water supply There are two waterworks with a water supply capacity of 300 thousand tons per day.
Sewage treatment The district government invested 200 million yuan on a project that discharges sewage to the south, and this project has a capacity of dealing with 100 thousand tons of sewage per day, which can completely handle big companies’ sewage discharge volumes and treatment difficulties.
Energy Natural gas that is more efficient has already been applied in the Industrial Zone. Natural gas provided in the Industrial Zone is from the West-East Gas Transmission project.
Telecoms The installed phone capacity in the Industrial Zone has reached 240 thousand, with a spread rate of main lines reaching 38%. Communication systems such as ISDN, ADSL, FTTB, etc are available in the Zone.
Transport Main highways 71.4 kilometers (A2: 7.5km; A4: 23.8km; A30: 40.1km).
River transport Planned roads:
South Hongmei Road to Jinhai Road across the river channel.
Kunyang Road to Pujiang Road across the river channel (Third Minpu Bridge).

Education facilities A total number of 125 basic education institutions are available in the district.
Medical facilities All together 66 health agencies are available in the district, among them 35 are public healthcare institutions, four are private healthcare institutions, 20 are medical institutions and seven are private clinics. There are all together 3661 health technicians in the district, among them the number of professional doctors and professional assistant doctors is 1480, and the number of registered nurses is 1341. All together 4583 beds are available is hospitals and these health agencies.
Hotels Nanjiao Hotel and Yuehua Hotel.


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