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Fengxian Investment Management Service Center

Fengxian Investment Management Service Center is a Fengxian District government agency in charge of approving and managing investment projects in the district. It is a one-stop service center for investors from home and abroad, offering services from reception, information and consulting, business negotiation to project evaluation, approval and registration.

The center has representatives from 16 government departments all under one roof. They are from the district’s Development and Reform Commission, Economic Commission, Urban Construction and Transportation Commission, Land and Resources Administration, Administration for Industry and Commerce, Environmental Protection Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Health Bureau, National Defense Office, Water Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Cultural and Broadcast Bureau, Afforestation and Sanitation Bureau, Food and Drug Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau and Weather Bureau.

The center has five service counters: 1) foreign investment service, 2) environment assessment service, 3) accounting service, 4) stamp making service, and 5) trademark registration service. A total of 95 employees are working at 27 windows or counters in the center. Of the 400 or so project applications for approval by the district government, 95 were handled by the service center and 72 of them have obtained licenses. The center is a one-stop shop for government services.

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The establishment of a foreign-funded company (not involving land)

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The establishment of a foreign company (involving land)

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The process of approving a foreign investment project


Fengxian Investment Management Service Center

Address: 58 Jiefang Road E., Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Tel: +86 (021) 6718 2578


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