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Fengxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Address: No.338 Jianghai Road, Nanqiao Town

Telephone: 86-21-57420846

Fengxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was built in 1983, and now it's a Grade2, Class1 hospital, and it's also the center of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, teaching, and research in the district.

In 1999, the Hospital was honored the title "National Demonstration Hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine", and in 2000, it joint Shanghai Longhua Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Group.

The Hospital was consecutively awarded as " Shanghai Civilization Unit" (consecutively for 6 times); "City health systems Civilization Unit"(consecutively for 6 times); "Shanghai Garden Unit"; "Shanghai Demonstration Homes of staff"; "Shanghai Advanced Group in Socialist Sprit Built Together by the Mass and Military Men"; and "Shanghai Smoke-free Unit".

The Hospital covers an area of 11,750 m2, with 14,588 m2 of construction, and among them areas used for business are 10,290 m2. There are all together 349 employees, and among them 302 are health technicians in which 43 are senior titled and 146 are intermediate-grad titled; 3 are adjunct professors in University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; 2 are district top-notch talents; 6 are leading people in district hearth research board; and 13 employees have master degrees. There are 130 approved beds but actually there are 250 beds available. There are 22 clinic departments; 13 ancillary departments; and 52 outpatient clinics with experts or have specialties in some particular diseases.


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