Two Fengxian sites among city's 50 "great places at doorway"

Dec 30, 2020

Fengxian's China Publishing Bookstore and the Zhuanghang Town Puxiu Village History Exhibition Hall were recently listed among Shanghai's first batch of 50 "great places at doorway" released by the city's cultural and tourism authorities.

The list includes the best commercial blocks that blend community service, cultural and sports functions, pocket parks and community-based micro theaters that enrich the cultural experience of residents.

Covering 537 square meters, China Publishing Bookstore's Fengxian outlet has built a fashionable reading space that combines reading areas, cultural experience areas, leisure areas, cultural salons and parent-child reading space.

The Zhuanghang Town Puxiu Village History Exhibition Hall is composed of a village history museum and an agricultural park planning museum.

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