Smartphones banned from university classrooms

Nov 18, 2015 | Source: Shanghai Daily

STUDENTS at a local university have been banned from using their smartphones in class in a bid to improve teaching (and learning) efficiency. The rule was introduced last month at the School of Art, Design and Media...

Fengxian to offer parking space for free

Sep 30, 2015

The Fengxian District government will have 300 car parking spaces made available for free to the public during the National Day Holiday — the first local government to do so. "We hope to make it convenient for people...

What's got 8 legs and flies?

Sep 29, 2015

A kite in the shape of an octopus takes to the sky in Shanghai's coastal Fengxian District yesterday at the opening of a kite festival. Dozens of teams took part in a kite-flying competition. The event, which ends on October 6, also features creative designs and food markets.

'Pet restrooms' get the thumbs up but dogs have other ideas

Sep 22, 2015

WE see it all around us — on the street, at the park and at places inconceivable. Dog poop is a modern day reality and a huge annoyance, but the best of efforts — road signs, poop bags, etc — have done little to change...

Fengxian gets tough on IPR

Sep 9, 2015

A SHARP increase has been reported in criminal intellectual property infringement cases the Fengxian District People's Procuratorate handled last year. This was due to its tougher crackdown and closer cooperation...

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